Stephanie Martin

Singer, Songwriter, Performer

Jazz Bistro, Toronto 2016
April Snow Release, Hugh's Room, Toronto 2016
ACTRA awards ceremony 2009
With the JNC rock orchestra, London 2012
The Rex Hotel, Toronto 2007
Upstairs Jazz Club, Montreal 2013
Musideum, Toronto 2014
Francophonie-en-Fête, Toronto 2016
120Diner, Toronto 2018
120Diner, Toronto 2017
Francophonie-en-Fête, Toronto 2017
Francophonie-en-Fête, Toronto 2017

Recent News

  • If you get a great review…post it!

    If you get a great review, post it. If you get a so-so review…never mention it again. Is that wrong? Thank you to Gillian Bartlett of the Annex Residence Association for this blog that appeared this morning. The Annex Residents’ Association  September 16, 2020 Magic on Howland If you’ll forgive us a moment of nostalgia, last Saturday night on Howland Avenue took us right back to the Mariposa Folk Festival in August 1967 when Joni Mitchell, Buffy Saint Marie, and Leonard Cohen were among the singers who performed from the back of a hay wagon to appreciative crowds sitting...
  • Annex Porch Concert Wars!

    Hello friends! We had so much fun doing the porch concert last month we’ve decided to do another one! But first we had to check with other local musicians so as not to start a Porch Concert War in the ANNEX! This time, we will have a camera crew and sound crew capturing the concert. Those of you who missed the last one and those who want to come back to hear some new tunes, please come and be part of the audience, your spirit, enthusiasm and applause appreciated and recorded for posterity! Saturday September 12th, 6PM (a cocktail hour concert!)...
  • Porch Concert – August 15th 2020

    Porch Concert August 15 2020 After 6 months not performing I decided to make my own fun. This is a song called No One In Particular from my album April Snow, performed from my front porch with David MacDougall (drums), Chad Irschick (Rhodes keyboard), Mike Francis (guitar) and Tom Szczesniak (bass).   Write up from the Annex Association August 19th 2020 And the Beat Goes On Well it appears that Brunswick isn’t the only Annex street to have benefited recently from the wealth of professional musicians who live in the ‘hood.  Last Saturday evening some 60 residents on...

Featured Songs

  • Warmth of the Sun

    Warmth of the Sun

  • April Snow

    April Snow

  • Georgia


  • Sailing On

    Sailing On