Stephanie Martin

Singer, Songwriter, Performer

Les Miz Montreal 1991

Les Misérables at the Théâtre St. Denis in Montreal opened January 24, 1991 and closed June 23, 1991 after 183 performances over a 22-week run to 300,000 audience members. Quebec’s first locally produced international mega-musical alternated English performances with French ones. Life behind the scenes at Les Miz was compared to a car-race pit stop; 700 costume changes to play the 340 characters.

Here is an excerpt of a digital archival review by Pat Donnelly published in the Montreal Gazette on January 25, 1991:
>>Last night marked the launching of the world’s first complete French version of this internationally renowned musical. Tonight, a second landmark opening, in English, will demonstrate the versatility of the world’s first bilingual Les Miz cast.<<

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