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shape, line & harmony

Posted on Jun 26, 2014

shape, line & harmony

Released independently in 2007, re-released by Fontana North in 2008.

Produced by Chad Irschick at Inception Sound Studios.

All songs written by Stephanie Martin and Chad Irschick.

The original pop, jazz, blues and soul on shape, line & harmony earned tremendous national airplay on CBC Radio. The disc was honoured as a ‘best recording of the year’ on the network’s ‘Fresh Air’ program along with Norah Jones, Feist and Arcade Fire -setting the stage for a strong commercial single release.

“…among the year’s best new music” – CBC Radio 1

“…dazzling!” – The Ottawa Citizen

“…more than just a singer, she literally inhabits her songs” – La Presse, Montreal

“…marvellous…a solid debut” – CBC’s Andrew Craig

Find it on iTunes here.